20 Years to Life

ID-100272375On Thursday, my wonderful husband and I will be celebrating twenty years together. That’s not too shocking given that many people manage it. However, after twenty years, we are still, and more so, madly in love with one another. We aren’t staying together for our daughter. We won’t be lost as empty nesters, we are looking forward to it. We aren’t staying together for religious reasons. We are staying together because we still very much enjoy each other in every aspect of our lives. We still crave sex with one another and “make out like teenagers” to quote our daughter.

If you think I’m bragging, I admit it, I am. My relationship with my husband is the biggest accomplishment of my life, and a close second is my relationship with our daughter. Even as a kid, without role models for a good marriage, I always believed I would have a great love and I do.

My husband adores me, thinks I’m beautiful inside and out, and never tires of spending time with me. My hand fits perfectly into his and spends a lot of time there, when we walk, sitting on the couch watching TV or a movie, and even when we sleep if we aren’t spooning. Our energies are so melded; I sometimes can’t feel my hand as apart from his. His energy is my home. I sigh into it when he comes back from work.

Do we ever fight? Rarely these days. About eight years ago was probably our hardest time. I had turned forty and was going through growing pains. We fought a lot for about six months but for some reason that still eludes me; we had sex more than ever. We did recognize at the time that what we were experiencing was something to work through and was triggering both our insecurities. As we slowly work our way through it (any person in a long relationship knows what I mean) we became closer than ever.

My husband and I so often share thoughts where we aren’t sure which of us originated the idea.

All I’ve shared so far is wonderful, but probably the best part is that I can totally be myself with him. Funny, silly, ridiculous, emotional, creative, obstinate, curious, wild, and on it goes. He not only handles all my moods but loves them.

He said the sweetest thing to me just the other day. I thanked him for loving me so well and he said that I make it very easy. How lucky am I? Trust me, I know it and appreciate it every single day.

We are going up to the cabin on Thursday and will stay until Sunday, making day trips, having yummy dinners out, and spending plenty time in bed. 😉 We are both very excited to have the time to celebrate the life we’ve created together.

Thank you, Dana, for loving me so well and for so long. Thank you for supporting my creativity and my passions. Mostly, I thank you for being you, someone I will continue to evolve with as we grow old together. Here’s to twenty more years.

I love you with all my heart,


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11 thoughts on “20 Years to Life

  1. Smiling huge! This all sounds so familiar :-) I think marriage is a work in progress but if you have been lucky enough to find your true soulmate, it makes it so much easier. Feeling blessed! Wishing you both a very happy and joyful 20th Anniversary. Much love’n’hugs from us xxx

  2. Happy Anniversary – you do look so happy together and suited for each other. Here’s to many more years! :-)

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