The Sex Conversation

My husband and I spent the weekend with friends of ours and another couple.  It’s worth mentioning because we, adults in our 40s, 50s, and 60s, all talked openly about sex, attraction, turn-ons, vibrators, and more.

We all agreed that our society is rather constipated when it comes to sex and communicating openly about it.  Sex is as important to life and relationship as is sleeping or eating and yet we as a culture shun real conversation about it.  There is much to learn from each other.

Expectantly, the conversation evolved into a discussion about my novels and my motivation for writing them. You can read my previous blogs to read about that. The pleasant part of people asking me about my motives is that I’ve gotten over the embarrassment of what people will think of me because of what I have written. Some will think me a sex fiend and I’m okay with that. Others will understand the depth of character exploration and appreciate the journey.

I am enjoying a newfound freedom of exchange of ideas with openness that until My Body-His had eluded me. I want to thank everyone who participated in these open discussions this weekend and…please open your own discussions right here by making a comment or asking a question. This is a good place to start anew.

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