A Shout Out to My Readers

write-a-reviewI must start out with a great big thank you to each and every person who has taken the time to read my books and review my novels. Believe it or not, the amount of reviews someone has on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other sites impacts the books visibility and promotions from those venues. So posting a review makes a vast difference.

Hugest hugs go to those who have purchased my novels and then tell their friends about them. Especially in the realm of indie erotica, word of mouth has the largest effect.


For all of you who consistently tag me in on author shout outs, street teams, hottest books, your book recommendations and so on, I love it each and every time and it means the world to me.

As authors we NEED readers. You are our life blood. Without you there would be no point in writing another word. I know you might hear other writers say they write solely for themselves, but I don’t. I write with the hope to take you on a journey you’ve never experienced before and when you finish my stories, you are still thinking about the characters. I want to move and touch you with my words. I want you to feel as if you are the characters experiencing the ride.

pinupbannerStarting out, I had no idea how important my street team would become to me. They are a wonderful crew of women who encourage and support me. This is no one way street. We have all become close friends and I have grown to love each and every one of them. We care about each other’s lives and offer support when needed. My dream is to have the money someday soon to visit each one across the US and the UK. I can’t wait for the virtual hugs to be real ones.

My last shout out goes to my test/beta readers whom act as my internal compass. These gals love my work and let me know when I’m on the write/right track. They have me crazy excited about Bittersweet Deceit. They all LOVE it and each one separately has said it’s my best novel yet. It’s currently with my editor and will be out early August.

My goal is to continue to evolve as a writer with each new novel. I plan to start Blue’s story next in the Bound by Your Love Series.


Warmest hugs and thanks to all of my readers,


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