And the Breast Wins

boobageFor those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook, I periodically ask questions of my friends, on my timeline, about all kinds of things. After having a conversation with my daughter about the different words for breasts, I decided to ask my Facebook crew how they weigh in on the terms. Terms ran the gambit from breast, boobs, tits, boobies, mammaries, the girls, to milk jugs, twin peaks, bazookas, knockers, fun bags, sweet tomatoes, and many others.

Although there was variation in the response, there also was a consensus of sorts.

In my writing, I tend to use the term breasts often and tits on a very rare occasion when it seems right coming from a man in the story. In my currently project, Blue hates her large breast and refers to them as boobs, a first for me.

My daughter said that the word tit is common among her friends and my husband said it was also a very common term used when he was in high school. I guess it skipped over my generation entirely because it’s not a word I recall hearing a lot.

Most of those who answered preferred breasts to everything else. Many thought boobs to be juvenile. A handful stated that context is important and I wholeheartedly agree. Bond in the Bound by Your Love Series can totally pull of saying tits where Red never could.

Some felt that using tits for breasts was crass. Others felt that tit is more of a male term and boob a female term.

What did I take away from the question other than many laughs from reading the responses? As always there is so much variety in taste that it’s a reminder to stick with what feels right to me in my stories. Personally, none of them are offensive to me. Call them what you will. Well… love mounds might turn me off if I’m reading a sex scene. LOL.

I hope today is a great start to the rest of your week. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, may it be a joyful one.

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2 thoughts on “And the Breast Wins

  1. Tits…definitely a man word (to me, anyway).
    I always use boobs/boobies, oh and ‘bobbies’ when children ask what they are? Lol
    I dislike my girls, they’re way too big for my liking and they attract way too much unwanted attention from both men & women.
    Why do people feel the need to grope a total stranger’s boobs? (That would be me…not the groper!)
    The comments I get are unreal too! ‘are those real?…can I have a feel’. ‘I see you brought the bouncers out tonight!.. Really! …they’re attached to me, you pillock!!’. ‘How you haven’t tipped over yet??’.
    Really gets on my tits (Pun intended).

    Getting back to the writing side of things, now that my little rant is over!
    I don’t think the use of the word ‘boobs’ used in a story is juvenile when used by the female character. …definitely not the male!
    For me the male character can also get away with using the word ‘Tits’, in sexual moment! 😉
    But when writing without POVs, I would always use ‘Breasts’. (Oh that came across as a little naughty!) xx

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