Are You Naked Under those Covers?

cos-06-sexy-naked-couple-hugging-touching-mdnI have slept in the nude since I can remember, at least from the time I dressed myself for bed, or in my case, undressed for my impending slumber.  I always found wearing clothes to be uncomfortable, confining and slightly claustrophobic.

Being a nudist, it’s surely not surprising that I prefer nakedness during sleep.  However, until just recently I didn’t know there were huge benefits to sleeping in the buff.  Thanks to my husband, who often sends me fodder to consider for my blog, I now know and will share the information with you!

The very first one I’m going to divvy up really made me chuckle and applies to women only.  It is healthier for your vagina, pussy, hoo-hoo (just for you Melissa), fanny or lady bits.  Although bacteria and yeast always exist in that special warm place, it’s really beneficial to air it out.  Go for it ladies!

You will also sleep better at night if you are cooler rather than warm.  Your body is meant to cool off as you sleep which boosts your anti-aging hormones.  A great cool night of sleep also helps your overall body composition because it increases your fat burning (you can actually lose belly fat!) and appetite suppression.

I think I need to sleep more! Off to take a nap, sans clothing.

Okay I’m back and refreshed and looking thinner already. 😉 Now I shall continue sharing other wonderful benefits of sleeping in your birthday suit.

This one is my favorite benefit. If you sleep with your partner (who is also naked) and touch and cuddle during the night like my husband and I do, you will get to experience the feel good hormone, oxytocin.  Oxytocin helps bond you with your partner and has other wonderful benefits too. This lovely natural drug decreases depression, blood pressure, stress and intestinal inflammation.  Who knew?  Plus, and I’m sure you all sorted this one out for yourselves, people tend to have more sex when they sleep together naked! Got to love that benefit.  Morning sex, here we come!!

Probably the most important benefit of sleeping naked is a better night of sleep.  Better sleep means a better day in my book.

I was also surprised that only one in ten people sleep in the nude.  So come on friends, readers, authors, family, and strangers, give it a go.

As always, I love to read your comments!

Warm hugs and keep chasing the dream,


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2 thoughts on “Are You Naked Under those Covers?

  1. When you’re going through menopause and have night sweats, sleeping in the nude (for me at least) left me damp, freezing and restless. Investing in a wicking nightshirt was a must (with lower half still free to feel the air- smile)

    • That makes sense. I haven’t experienced night sweats but I can’t imagine, after all these years, getting used to wearing clothes to bed.

      Thanks so much for the comment. :)


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