Blakely’s Friday Interview with Dick Midnight

Please give a warm welcome to Dick Midnight, author of Dick Midnight and The Nether Regions series.

sword and pocketwatch logo crisp black and whiteTell us a bit about yourself and what you’re currently working on or promoting.
Dick Midnight is a badass.
He is also the master of pseudo-biographical mythological erotica, or mytherotica, for short. His stories have been must reads among an established cult following that discovered the works in the recesses of the deep internet. Now, for the first time, the extensive Dick Midnight catalog is gradually being made available in more accessible online venues.

For centuries, eons even, artists like Dick Midnight have warned of the dangers of the creatures of our mythology, looming in the shadows, on the fringes of civilization. But as science and academia have taken hold and proclaimed Gods and beasts as little more than figments of our active imaginations, we have let down our guard. When an unexplained abduction occurs, and Dick Midnight’s services are requested, his calling begins. He is at once monster slayer, damsel rescuer, and entertaining, engrossing, erotica wordsmith.

A complex personality with his own inner demons, Dick Midnight can be aloof and distant, intense and quippy, and often seemingly on the verge of spinning out of control.

But damn, can he write.
Five installments of the Dick Midnight and The Nether Regions series are available on a multitude of ebook platforms.
In the future, a Dick Midnight Presents category will be available as well. Authors from a variety of genres will release captivating tales under the Dick Midnight banner.

What genre is your book? Do you write in other genres as well?
Mytherotica, and they’re for mature readers. Well, mature readers in the sense that they’re 18 or above. Dick Midnight often questions his own “maturity” level, and as such he’s not one to cast aspersions on anyone else’s “maturity” quotient. That typed, be 18 or older. On another note, just be aware. The creatures of our mythologies that reside in The Nether Regions do not abduct females who exude the scent of recent sex because they need a Parcheesi partner.

Has a dream every inspired any of your stories?
For Dick Midnight the lines between reality and mythology are always blurred. As such, it’s often difficult to ascertain reality from imagination, the conscious state from the subsconcious. The Earth as we know it possesses certain physical laws. Those do not exist in The Nether Regions. But somehow, it all comes together, and it all acts as inspiration.

Do you have an agent and/or publisher or are you self-published? If self-published, do you use a professional editor? If traditionally published, who is your publisher?
Dick Midnight is self-published. Dick Midnight is also his own editor. Dick Midnight also often shuns the first person. He’s humble like that. Humble or confused. As mentioned before, sometimes the lines blur.

What advice do you have for writer’s just starting out?
There are a lot of excellent writers out there who say many of the same things: write what you know; stick with it; map out a strategy; don’t let the inevitable frustration and doubt get you down. All of that makes sense and is excellent advise. I’d also add this is clearly an interesting time in the industry. Like record companies losing control over technology’s changes to the music sales model, the technological advent of ebook platforms has opened a world of possibilities without enduring a slew of gatekeepers inundated with manuscripts who are instructed to find reasons to say no. Furthermore, since most self-published authors seem to be enduring many of the same issues pertaining to trying to get their work noticed and navigating the morass of marketing efforts, it’s not so much a competition as it is a collective wishing everyone success. Many authors want to help fellow wordsmiths, so if you have a question or want some advice, very often they’re incredibly generous with their time and remarkably helpful.

Do you set writing goals and if so, what are they?
Yes, and they are hardly ever achieved. I’d blame the damn mythological creatures for interfering in the creative brilliance of Dick Midnight prose. But on the other hand, without them, Dick Midnight might be writing about the Jacksonville Jaguars, and really, would anyone, including the good and patient fans in Jacksonville, care about that?

Do you outline your stories or just go with the flow?
This is an or, or and or question. Yes, Dick Midnight sort of outlines his stories, which more or less take the form of random paragraph style notes throughout the course of the process. As a result of that approach, there’s plenty of flow-going. But it also helps that Dick Midnight is fighting flippin’ mythological creatures in the bowels of The Nether Regions, so with that in mind he has a pretty good idea how things are going to play out.

What project are you currently working on?
Future installments include Dick Midnight vs Wyvern; Dick Midnight vs The Blind Cyclops; Dick Midnight vs Skorpios; Dick Midnight vs Kokopelli; Siren; and a clash with legendary, forgotten genetic mutations that could change the course of world history. Seriously.

Is being an author your dream job? If so, how long have you been chasing the dream? If not, what would be your dream job?
Battling the creatures of our mythologies tends to be more burden than dream, but if not Dick Midnight, then who? Or is that whom? Let me consult my editor.

Do you see yourself in any of your characters?
Um, I would say (or technically type) yes. Being the main character in one’s own book tends to lend itself to seeing one’s self in this light.

How much time a day do you spend on social media?
Way too much, it seems. The damn thing can be a rabbit hole.

What do you do to stay sane as a writer?
Try my damndest not to get trapped in the social media rabbit hole.

Do you read your reviews and if so, how do you cope with a bad one?
If you’re really successful, and Dick Midnight has encountered this in other professions, you’ll get your share of positive and negative comments. If you’re willing to put your material out there, you have to expect some negative criticism. Occasionally, some of that criticism is negative for negative sake. And occasionally, some of that negative criticism can be helpful and insightful. But beyond that, of all the millions upon millions of opportunities to comment on someone’s work throughout the vast array of the Internet, that someone spent their valuable time to craft a review or comment on your work, regardless of its tone, is still rather flattering.

I have found the writer’s community to be very supportive and welcoming. Please share writers that you recommend for us to check out.

  1. Brantwijn Serrah: Great werewolf prose. That girl can write.
  2. T.M. Brenner
  3. Scarlett Redd

You can find Dick on his website, Facebook, Tumbler and Twitter.

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