Blakely’s interview with Jane from the My Body Trilogy

MyBodyTrilogyThis week I’m sharing a blog post from my previous blog tour.  It’s one of my favorites. Check out my interview with Jane.

Blakely: I’m very excited to interview you, Jane. It’s like a wonderful visit with an old friend.

Jane: Yes, we have been joined at the hip for quite a while now. 😉

Blakely: Without giving too much away (we wouldn’t want to spoil it for our readers) how are you doing these days?

Jane: Life is truly wonderful. I no longer look upon my past with shame and regret. I thankfully survived it all and came out stronger, happier and healthier on the other side. Nothing can compete with good love.

Blakely: Are you ready to dive into the interview?

Jane: Sure.

Blakely: Many of our readers and fans have a hard time understanding why you stayed so long with Luke. Can you explain it to them?

Jane: Luke provided an intense passion and connection that I never experienced before and when he was “good Luke” nothing in the world could touch the elation I felt from his touch and attention. Just his mere kiss caused me to melt. Unfortunately, there were two definite sides to him and he could be very cold and cruel. Like many woman who stay in unhealthy relationships, I thought if I could just do things “right”, I would live in bliss with him. Eventually my whole world was wrapped around Luke , his life; and it seemed like dying to be apart from him. We ultimately weren’t good for each other and I can see the part I played in our crazy dance. Looking back, I believe my poor relationships with my parents might have driven my desperation to make it work. I have wondered that if my father had been there for me the day that I called, would I have gone back to Luke? There’s no way to know now but it surely didn’t help my state of mind at the time.

Blakely: With the benefit of hindsight now, do you think your relationship with Luke was abusive as opposed to an alternative lifestyle? If so, at what point was that line crossed for you?

Jane: I think there were abusive moments through the course of the relationship but there were also large segments of time where his harsher tendencies took a back seat. This is a tricky question for me. I don’t have a vast amount of experience in the lifestyle but Marcello was pretty clear that Luke screwed things up in regards to me and my first forays into a Dom/sub relationship. The crossing the line bit is even harder to answer because that invisible line kept being pushed further and farther away from who I knew myself to be. The hardest crossing was when Luke sent me to Marcello’s which I adamantly fought against.

Blakely: Do you think Luke did the BDSM relationship the right way? Many of our readers were upset about how he used the so-called “safe words”.

Jane: I am positive that there are many different ways to have a Dom/sub relationship. Just through my talks with Janice and her experience, all of her BDSM relationships were different. I don’t think there is only one right way to go about it. However, the safe words with Luke were nothing of the kind and he should have called them something else.

Blakely: Do you feel that you really are a submissive or just masqueraded as one to please Luke?

Jane: This question made me laugh! My body unquestionably loves the submission. I wouldn’t say I was masquerading to please Luke but I did lose myself along the way trying to please him. I’m definitely NOT a natural submissive but sexually, it surely causes the most intense orgasms. 😉

Blakely: Do you think monogamy or children will be important to you at some point?

Jane: Absolutely to both.

Blakely: Do you foresee a positive relationship with either of your parents or has that ship sailed as far as you’re concerned?

Jane: My mother goes through a metamorphosis in My Body-Mine so read to find out about that.

Blakely: How did you feel being the object of desire for two men and a woman?

Jane: It completely changed the concept I held of myself. When you have two parents who don’t seem to like you very much, it definitely shapes your outlook on yourself. They (Luke, Janice, and Marcello) helped me to feel more desirable and Marcello encouraged me to feel more deserving of love.

Blakely: Who has been your most incredible lover?

Jane: Blakely, don’t you think that’s giving a bit too much away? They still need to read My Body-Mine!

Blakely: Yes, I guess you’re right. One last question then?

Jane: Yes, because you-know-who is waiting for me. 😉

Blakely: I’ll be quick. Do you think you will share your story with our readers about you-know-who and your future?

Jane: The trilogy is complete but I’ve heard rumors that you might right a prequel, Blakely, about Janice and Luke.

Blakely: Anything is possible but we shall see. Thank you, Jane, for your honest and open answers. I’m sure our readers appreciated your time.

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