I have read about the psychology of bondage (research!) and have written several sex scenes that include one form or another of restraint. It seems pretty apparent to me that it’s a fairly mainstream activity for couples to dabble in and if the statistics are correct, even more mainstream since 50 Shades of Grey hit the stands. Just go into any adult boutique and you can see bondage is alive and well. You can purchase handcuffs and blindfolds and other fun toys to use for such endeavors.

Bondage and discipline is a favorite activity of the men in the My Body Trilogy. I’m fascinated by the trust it takes to allow someone to restrain your body and, by all accounts, the act can create a deep sense of closeness. I wonder about the attraction of being shackled and abused. I do understand that it adds a level of excitement and danger that can set your pulse racing, at least it works that way for the submissives with whom I have spoken and Jane, the main female character in my novels. There is something appealing in letting go of control and trusting someone else to take you to a place where you are left in a puddle of stimulation and sensation that sends you into intense orgasm.

I like reading BDSM stories that incorporate bondage as a theme. I like the stories best when the female is a reluctant participant but ultimately makes the decision to participate. I do find it interesting that what I read may be far more extreme than I would ever care to experience, but it’s still a turn on. I guess that’s why I write that way as well.

I love the rub (pun intended ;)) between what people think should turn them on and what actually does.

The idea of control within sex is a captivating topic and entrusting yourself to another via bondage, is the gift of the submissive.

Is the idea of bondage a turn on or off? Is it something you would consider trying? Please share your stories with us. :)

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4 thoughts on “Bondage

  1. BDSM… It scares me, but intrigues me. I have no friends (that I know of) that participate in the scene, but hey I’m still looking!

  2. I’ve dabbled in the past myself, but not because I thought of it, but my girlfriend wanted to spice it up a bit. I found it a bit awkward at first. I didn’t know exactly what to do or how much was “enough” so she suggested different things to do. She left me soon thereafter and I assume that if you want to be dominated you shouldn’t have to tell the other person how to go about it. That must take some of the thrill out of it. 😉

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