The Top 65 Reasons I Love My Husband So Much!

Today is my favorite day of the year … the day my husband was born. For his 65th birthday, I’ve made a list of my top 65 reasons why I love him so much. There are so many more reasons I could have listed, but I’ll save those for his 75th birthday. 😀

As you will see, I am VERY lucky in love. Thank you, Dana, for making my life so much more worth living. I can’t imagine a life without you in it. Without further ado:

  1. heartsI love how confident you are.
  2. I love your voice, so deep and manly.
  3. I love that you work hard for us.
  4. I love your smile, which brightens my day.
  5. I love your face and the twinkle in your eyes.
  6. I love that you can fix and/or build almost anything.
  7. I love that you’re the father of our beautiful daughter.
  8. I love your relationship with my mother, which warms my heart.
  9. I love how loyal you are.
  10. I love that you are the first to jump in if someone is in trouble.
  11. I love that you’re a great listener and that you give me your undivided heart
  12. I love that we are true partners and share the chores.
  13. I love that you’re a great cook.
  14. I love how you make friends wherever you go.
  15. I love that you are so generous.
  16. I love that you mean what you say and say what you mean.
  17. I love that you’re so open I can hear your thoughts.
  18. I love how you willingly handle the icky stuff, like taking out the compost and getting the bat out of the house.
  19. I love that given a choice you always want to spend your time with me.
  20. I love that when you are happy, you sing as you walk around the house.
  21. cloudI love how much you care about the world and what is happening in it.
  22. I love that you’re a hippie (kind of like me).
  23. I love that when you make a decision, you stick to it.
  24. I love how creative you are sexually. It’s such a turn on.
  25. I love that your secret is that you have no secrets.
  26. I love the way you kiss my neck. Yummy!
  27. I love how you love me each and every day.
  28. I love that I can be my uninhibited real self with you.
  29. I love how my hand fits in yours.
  30. I love that you always reach for my hand when we’re out and about.
  31. bookI love that you support and encourage my writing.
  32. I love that you’re my first reader and biggest fan.
  33. I love being swirled up in your energy.
  34. I love how safe I feel with you.
  35. I love that you laugh at my jokes.
  36. I love that you GET my jokes.
  37. I love your kisses, which still melt me in my special places.
  38. I love how handsy you are. Not a day goes by in which I don’t feel desired.
  39. I love that you desire me whether I’m heavier or not.
  40. I love sleeping with you.
  41. I love your warm
  42. I love how you spoon me, which is the perfect way to fall asleep.
  43. I love that you come back to bed to snuggle me in the morning.
  44. I love how we dance together.
  45. I love that we grow closer and closer the longer we are together.
  46. I love the sweet and sexy texts you send me.
  47. I love that we shower together almost every day.
  48. I love that you hold out my towel for me when I’ve finished showering.
  49. I love how you make me laugh and giggle.
  50. I love that during the course of our years together you’ve been open to growing and changing.
  51. heartsI loved our time at the cabin.
  52. I love how we work together.
  53. I love how our gaits synchronize.
  54. I love exercising with you.
  55. I love how we snuggle together on the couch.
  56. I love that you watch some shows with me, which aren’t really your thing.
  57. I love all the very sweet things you say to me and I know you mean.
  58. I love that you understand my need for alone time.
  59. I love that even when we are apart, I can still feel you next to me.
  60. I love that we’ll grow old together.
  61. handsI love how we communicate together, verbally and non-verbally.
  62. I love that after all these years, sex is still exciting and evolving for us.
  63. I love that the longer we are together, the more I love you.
  64. I love that I’m your favorite person.
  65. I love that you are mine as well.

Thank you Dana for choosing to share your life with me!

Warmest hugs to the greatest man I know,


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