Could Lack of Sex Be Killing You?

According to Dr. Oz, the leading health problem in the United States isn’t obesity but lack of sex. The average sex life is once a week, thank god I don’t live by that standard! The good doctor says if you increase having sex from once a week to twice a week you will live three years longer. I wonder if that is exponential if you have it even more often.

I hear so much from men about how their wives have just completely lost interest in sex. I have to wonder if it’s because A. they are sucky lovers (sorry guys), B. they don’t work on having a close intimate relationship with their wife, (most women need a connection to want to have sex) or C. their wives need their hormones checked.

According to Dr. Oz’s article, one in seven women has never cum. No orgasms. Zip, nada, zilch. I can’t even imagine it. Guess what the biggest hang up is regarding sex? Can you guess it?  ~People are too scared to talk about sex.~ As I have said before, it’s unfathomable to me because how do you get your needs met if you can’t even communicate them? YOU DON’T!

Dr. Mike Moreno says sex can boost your immune system, reduce the risk of prostate cancer, and protect your heart. Because of the biochemical released, it can reduce stress and make you happier. For women going through menopause, the more sex the better which reduces the chance of vaginal dryness. Dr. Mike agrees with Dr. Oz, sex adds years to your life. Dr. Mike prescribes sex at least three times a week.

I, for one, would like to live a long, healthy life and it’s good to know I’m adding years by having the time of my life.

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2 thoughts on “Could Lack of Sex Be Killing You?

  1. I agree with your assesment that poor sexual practices and attitudes is an epidemic in this country. I think you left out another option/contributor many women over 35 don’t own and or embrace their sexuality which makes them poor sexual people and partners. There are many factors as to why: In that age bracket and older there was still the title slut to worry about. Most women I have met their mothers had crappy sex lives and passed on that negative gift/attitude to their daughters rather than pass on a positive message to find and embrace it. Women worked together to get the right to vote, for equal pay but mothers are stabbing their daugthers in the back. Don’t believe me then go find one of these women that doesn’t enjoy sex and ask her what her mother taught her about sex. All women are diamonds but they all aren’t vvsi and what’s a guy to do when the flaws are internal?

  2. What a short and simple article. I never knew that sex had these many good things to offer. It would also be great to see a new blog from you on what are the reasons for a man/woman to loose interest in sex and what they can do to make it better. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

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