Do-ers and Be-ers

7-lazy-in-bed-636So what do I mean by Do-ers and Be-ers? Are you a busy bee or more laid back?

I used to fall into the Be-er category. I didn’t fill my life with a lot of “things” to do. Downtime rated really high for me. I would put it in gear when it came to work and getting things done (my house could still have used more attention) but I imagine most Do-ers would’ve considered me lazy by comparison.

A Do-er is someone who is always on the go. Their lives are jam packed full of activities, events, obligations, work, etc. They love their life very full and their need for downtime is minimal. I have, at times, wondered what they are running from or running too but these days I think that’s an arrogant assumption. I recognize that we are all made up differently and there are pluses and minuses to both styles.

Since becoming a published author in the throes of writing, editing, promoting and the ever revolving treadmill of social media, I find myself more of the Do-er than a Be-er. However, I do dream of a time when I can get back to some of my Be-er ways.

One thing my husband and I have in common is that when we are in “work mode” we plow full steam ahead, pushing hard to get the project done. And when we lazy around, we rather enjoy that as well.

I wonder if a Do-er and a Be-er could be involved in a long-term relationship. I imagine they could compromise and do certain things separately. Maybe it could be good with at least one person keeping the couple on task. I think my husband and I split up that job although I do most of it (waiting to hear his comment on that!). LOL!

And you, are you a do-er or a be-er?  Or a healthy combination of both?

Are any of my readers out there in a “mixed” marriage? How do you make it work?

My husband and I are lucky because we are both do-er writers, but we can easily fall into a bed day and let our characters fend for themselves for a while. And sometimes while “being”, new cool ideas pop for the do-er part of our lives.

Hope everyone is snuggling up during this cold fall.

Warm hugs,


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4 thoughts on “Do-ers and Be-ers

  1. Well, Kaye and I used to work together when it was going to be a “graphic” novel – and that actually caused some friction.

    We finally let go of each other when it came to artistic endeavours, acknowledging that we are better as lovers and companions than co-workers and collaborators.

    Not everyone can be Desi and Lucy or the Lunts…

  2. I just wanted to highlight a couple of things you’ve said and put them together. Sometimes you see someone “running around”, and “Do-ing” a lot of things. But you can’t assume that they are Do-ers; maybe they are just getting things done, so they can go back to being “Be-ers”.
    As for myself, I think I’m a balance of both, and I cycle between them. However, since I’ve had kids, I’ve felt like I’ve needed to be more of a Do-er, and my life feels out of balance. Perhaps as they get older, we can find more time as a family to sit back and just “Be”.

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