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I’m embarking on the next great adventure in my life, getting published. The first book in the My Body Trilogy will be available for purchase November 15th which is exciting and scary at the same time.  I started writing My Body-His over seven years ago and finished crafting the novel in 2008.  Work, motherhood, and life in general took over and MBH took a back seat.  Just recently my husband encouraged me to leave my stressful corporate job and really focus on writing and getting published.  Thank you, my love! Thank you, FannyPress!

Although I wrote my novel(s) before 50 Shades of Grey hit the stands and people might assume I wrote them after the fact, I’m grateful that 50 Shades has open the door for more racy mainstream erotica and more specifically (I’m hoping) my erotic suspense trilogy. Let Mommy porn thrive….

I find it very interesting that people who hear about my BDSM trilogy seem to assume that Jane, the main female character, is based on me.  I’m certain people don’t assume my husband is a time traveler since he is writing about one in his Geared to the Present series.  If he is, I’m not telling. 😉

The truth is that I have an active imagination and a fascination with the lifestyle but don’t personally live it.  I have done a lot of research online including reading a plethora of erotica and speaking to men who consider themselves full-time Doms.  In my mid 20s a girlfriend of mine and I interviewed a Dom/sub couple which planted the original seed for the series.

What intrigues me the most is exploring the conflict between how the body responds to stimulation and how our mind endeavors to sort out what is considered right and wrong. Jane struggles through the series not only to figure out who she really is but also accept what she has come to realize about herself.

I hope you will enjoy reading My Body-His when the first novel comes out November 15th.

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  1. I am very impressed with how your blog site has turned out. Wishing you much success to repay for all the hard work, you deserve it. Looking forward to purchasing my presale book.

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