I’m Soooo Jealous!

20150713_155042Yesterday we went on a tour of Western Washington University, our daughter’s college of choice, and it’s the perfect fit for her. It’s on the sound, surrounded by woods and mountains. Not only is it a gorgeous location, but the medium size school is totally progressive.

I can’t help wishing (whistfully) to be young again. I’m not really jealous, but maybe slightly envious.

She has known what she’s wanted to pursue for years, she was able to do Running Start (take college classes for high school), and is so clear about her next steps. She also has wonderful, supportive parents (that’s us) and very generous supportive grandparents. It’s good to be her.

Fortunately, she knows it most of the time and is very appreciative.

20150713_132816WWU’s campus is excellent although I must say we got a workout walking around. We were able to tour some of the dorms as well so she can decide where she wants to live.

By next spring, she will be moving out and embarking on the next adventure of her life. I know she’ll be ready and hopefully I will be as well. At least she won’t be too far away.

I’m so excited for her and what life has in store. I feel fortunate to be a part of her journey.

Warmest hugs to my lovely daughter,


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