Is Reading Erotica Good for You?

What every girlNow let me explain before you go shaking your head like Lainie often does in Bittersweet Deceit (out August 5th). You might be shocked to find out that reading erotica, especially for women who are experiencing a drop in their libido, will help revive or amp up their sex life. There are plenty of the health benefits, which come from masturbation as well. Women going through “the change” greatly reduce their symptoms of dryness and hot flashes with regular orgasms.

Reading can help get you in the mood for some loving as I’ve been told from my readers time and again. Some even reread the scenes they like the best to get revved up. Many have mentioned reading the stories out loud to their partner.

Novels (the kind that really suck you in) can help release stress and reduce anxiety. Sometimes we need a break from the realities of our lives and books offer an escape into a different experience.

Well-written erotica can offer you new ideas to try in the bedroom or any other room in the house. 😉 It might inspire you to try a new positions or even a new toy.

Interesting stories also spark conversation amongst friends. I’ve had many conversations about good and bad novels over the years and still do.

Probably the best compliments I’ve ever received about my erotic stories have come when my words have had such a strong impact on my reader that it’s actually changes them. They connected with the characters and circumstances and saw how they too have overcome their challenges in life.

It’s not surprising that I would be an advocate for reading erotic stories since I write hot, steamy novels. And I too love to read and enjoy being charted away on a new journey. I’ve talked to a lot of readers and they can’t all be wrong. Reading erotica gets us jazzed and horny and that’s not a bad thing.

Warm hugs and happy orgasms,


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2 thoughts on “Is Reading Erotica Good for You?

  1. Worked for me! (Pardon if that’s TMI, but as a reader and writer of erotica and erotic romance who’s gone through the “change”, I can attest to the validity of this post!

    • Thanks Lise, for the comment! I’ve heard this from several other people since I wrote the blog.

      Warm hugs,

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