My Daughter is a Senior

get-attachmentThis past Monday was my daughter’s first day of her senior year in high school. Through the Running Start program she is taking all college classes this year, which apply toward her high school diploma and achieving her AA in college. I wish they had something like that when I was in high school.

Where I couldn’t get older fast enough, she is not too thrilled that this is her senior year and that in a few months from now she will be turning eighteen. Truthfully, I was more oblivious to the world around me and the current state of politics where she is not. She is very concerned over what might be around the corner for our country and for the planet.

What she still hasn’t sorted out is that eighteen is some arbitrary line and you don’t (at any one point) feel like you’ve crossed over from being a child to an adult. I crossed a portion of that line when I had her and became a mom, but in many ways, I’m nothing like the adults I grew up around. I think many from my generation are more transparent and don’t hold up the guise of “adulthood” like some talisman.

For most, life isn’t an easy walk in the park and I think we do a real disservice to our kids if we pretend like it is. I also don’t think it’s as bad as my daughter worries it might be and she has us to help her through it.

We do try to help her hold a more positive frame of mind, because I agree with this quote from Deepak Chopra:
What you see you become. What you see is a selective act of attention and interpretation. Although you are inundated by billions of bits of sensory impulses every moment, you selectively filter out the vast majority, allowing only a very small fraction into your awareness. What you allow into your awareness is determined by your habitual patterns of seeing and interpreting the world… Your attention and interpretations create what you see and ultimately determine what you believe. A belief is simply an interpretation that you hold to be true.

She has known for years that she wants to be an interpreter and has been working toward that goal all along. I hope today is a start of a great year for my daughter and that she flourishes in the challenges ahead.

Warmest hugs to my daughter and thanks for reading,


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