My Very First Book Signing

DSC_0018Another long standing dream came true January 12, 2013 at the book launch for My Body-His, the first book in the My Body Trilogy.  Every now and again in life, reality turns out to be better than the imagination.  Surrounded by the support of many of our friends and new people to meet, I learned yet again that being an author is what I want to do and what I love.

DSC_0023My only real worry about the event was that people were not going to show.  I would be left standing around twiddling my thumbs and as a last resort I would have to stand outside hauling people into Uppercase Bookshop to have people to read to.  However, what really happened at 6:30 pm on Saturday night with the temperature hovering around twenty-four degrees, a packed Snohomish where parking is difficult to find and a flu epidemic, was that so many people showed in support of my dream that I had to lean against the rail on top step and project my voice down to the people standing on the first floor.

DSC_0025I didn’t feel particularly nervous as I thanked everyone for coming but as soon as I started reading from My Body-His my adrenaline shot up so high, it took me a few minutes to regain my equilibrium.

DSC_0020I so enjoyed signing books and looking up to see a line of people waiting their turn.  I had all my catchy phrases ready in my head but used none of them.  I ended up personalizing each book I signed.

DSC_0008My girlfriend Melissa suggested that a bunch of people meet up before the book signing and that was a great idea.  I felt so relax surrounded by friends ahead of time.  I plan to do that again for my next book signing.

Make sure to check back for future signing events that will be coming in March to launch the second book of the trilogy, My Body-His (Marcello).

Thanks again to Uppercase Bookshop, Catherine Treadgold and Jennifer McCord from FannyPress, and my husband whose ongoing support through the whole process is invaluable to me.  And a special shout out to everyone who came to the event.

Warmest hugs,

Blakely Bennett

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