Oh, the Anticipation!

bianca-van-der-weft_anticipationStuck in Between is in the hands of reviewers and my street team, and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the verdict. The anticipation is like after going on a great first date and waiting for him/her to call. It’s really not a horrible place to be, more like a mix of titillation and abject fear. LOL!

I’m fighting with myself over giving into the excitement because of the worry over the fall. I’m standing on the edge of the cliff, not knowing if I will fly or crash. There is something rather exhilarating about that.

So far the feedback has been great!

If you’ve ever debated about using test/beta readers, then I want to implore you to use them. I used four test readers for Stuck and they gave me invaluable feedback that I used in my rewrite. When I let myself travel back to the beginning, I wish I had thought to have test readers for My Body-His. I probably would have tempered Luke a bit and changed one scene. One thing that is true of life for me is that you live and learn. Use test readers!!

My editor is doing the last proofing, and the formatting for the paperback is almost complete. Hopefully it will directly transfer over to eBook but I will probably need to format for that as well.

I’m so excited for March 24th and the release of my most recent baby. She will come out of the cocoon of creation and hopefully bring hours of enjoyment to my readers.

Thanks to my husband and my street team who are metaphorically holding my hand during this time. You are the best!

From your author on the edge. 😉

Warm hugs,


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10 thoughts on “Oh, the Anticipation!

  1. B. B. Wishing you THE BEST on the release of the new book…It will be a major success, I feel it in my bones, as Granny used to say, lol… I wont be there in person , but always in spirit … Poked 54 times in a row …gotta be record…lol

  2. Blakely, I’ve loved every minute reading your books. You know I have. Plus I think our friendship has grown aswell. You gave me Luke (phwaorr) now you’ve given me Red! Love you girl xx keep on keeping on xx

    • Thank you. I, too, have been enjoying our friendship. Thanks for being there for me and urging me on.

      Much love,

  3. How did you go about putting together test readers? I have a limited circle here, although I do have that small group test read for me. I’m just wondering about broadening that group, and perhaps throwing some absolute strangers into it. :)
    Best of luck in your waiting time!

    • Hi Caroline,

      I use my friend’s and fans (who have become my friends), people I know who will tell me how they really feel. What is your genre? Facebook is full of avid readers. I would use people who love your genre.

      Thanks for the comment.


  4. Why are Blakely Bennett’s ebooks on Kindle so expensive? I like the sound of them, but will not buy at those prices.
    Elizabeth Caplan

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      I don’t consider them expensive for a full-length novel, rather standard prizes. Maybe if they were just a short-story or novella which many indie books are these days. At any rate, The Demarcation of Jack will be on sale for .99 cent on April 1st.

      Thanks for the comment,

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