My husband and I were joking around that we should open a place called the Orgasium; combining the words gymnasium and orgasm. It would be a place where people could learn to have and give intense long lasting orgasms. Not sure our culture is ready for that, yet. I still hold out hope.

What is an orgasm really? For me it’s the culmination of an intense energy explosion that shoots all these fantastic biochemicals through my system giving me the best high imaginable without any long lasting side effects except the desire to do it again! According to Wikipedia, an orgasm is the peak of the plateau phase of the sexual response cycle, characterized by an intense sensation of pleasure. Yeah, that’s what I meant. 😉

I find the release one of the hardest things to describe and as my publisher/editor so kindly pointed out and I can’t use, “waves of pleasure”, over and over.  :)

Did you know that the clit is the only organ whose sole purpose is sexual pleasure? I have often wondered why it’s situated above the vaginal opening as it seems to be a flawed design. If the clitoris was located just inside the vagina…wow! I also wonder why such a small percentage of women can have orgasms solely through intercourse and yet in movies and books (even mine in some places) that’s all it takes to get a woman to cum leaving women feeling somehow inferior because they can’t orgasm that way.

I think it’s vitally important that a person know how to make themselves cum. I was shocked to find out my college roommate had never ever masturbated. How can you show your partner what makes you feel good enough to cum if you yourself do not know?

I don’t think the orgasm is the most important part of sex, just the best part! I think the best way to get the orgasms you really desire is to be connected, along with open and honest communication and self-exploration with your partner.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Orgasm

  1. I think you ask a very good question about how do you communicate what makes you feel good enough to cum if you don’t know yourself. I think open and honest communication are vital but it is scary. Fear stops people dead in their tracks regardless of how great the outcome is. I am learning that fear is not an option in life, in sex, anywhere. You will not get the outcum :) you desire if you don’t do something about it.

  2. The whole aspect of having to “learn” to cum. I am on this path. Mentally i struggle with why? ….something that should be so natural…
    But you have to learn to walk, to swim, to read. You aquire tools when you lose your fear and are brave enough to be honest. Transparent. Inquisitive. Confident. You share….
    Sign me up for the Orgasium. I am all in.

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