Perspective and Perception

When crafting characters, their different perspectives and perceptions help drive the conflict and define their uniqueness.  I have spent a lot of time musing around the idea that perspective is like a sphere which can be experienced from an infinite number of possible perceptions. Where you are positioned on the sphere, metaphorically speaking, has to do with your genetics, experiences and upbringing (family, culture, religion, etc.)  All of those varying facets add depth to a character.

Perception or seeing something from a perspective unique to your point of view on the sphere always presents the opportunity for a diametrically opposed view point from the other side of the sphere. Is it possible to find common ground with someone whose idea of the situation is opposite? I’m not sure and this is something with which Jane in My Body-His struggles. In real life does it work best if they are at least in your quadrant on the sphere? Or at least on your side of things?

Why the heck does it matter that we have similar perspectives? My experience and therefore perspective is that to navigate well through life with someone, a lover or a friend, you have to have some similar perspectives and perceptions. I’m not saying they have to be really closely matched but they have to be close enough that I can stretch my perspective enough to see your point of view and vice versa.

I used to talk to this guy online whose wife felt that she had a better childhood and therefore had better ideas and ways to navigate life. So every time they came to a crossroads of having a different perception (according to him), she would make life miserable until she got her way. Clearly they are headed for a divorce if nothing changes but I think a huge part of their conflict is centered on the fact that they perceive life so differently.  Their life might make an interesting story.  At least it makes for a lot of drama.

I have always found it interesting to speak to people who have different perspectives as it can open the door to new ideas and different ways of thinking. I’ve come to the conclusion however that there needs to be some overlapping of how we see the world to make a deep and secure connection.

I would very much like to hear from my readers what they think about the necessity of a shared perspective.

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  1. This is such a great metaphor for life. I hope there is a copyright on it because this could be your next non-fiction manuscript. Thanks for sharing.

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