The Dream and the Reality

sunset clouds kids dreams reality digital art artwork balloons sign board 3000x1653 wallpaper_www.wallmay.net_13I’m sure it’s like this with most dreams. There is the fantasy of how it will be and then the stark realism of the truth.

DREAM: Picture me with tons of book sales, huge advances, bookstores clamoring to have me do book signings at their establishments, talk show hosts banging down my door, and two hot men in tight white shorts, waving big feathered fans on either side of me to keep me cool. Okay, I got a little carried away, but I think you get the point.

REALITY: Your publisher will take most of your royalties and you will have to promote yourself non-stop, getting your books into the physical stores takes emotional mountain climbing skills and you will need to put out at least six novels until you are really noticed. OUCH!

In both cases I’m exaggerating a bit—a writer’s prerogative—but not so much so that I’m far off base. The truth is that manifesting your dreams takes hard work and many “overnight” successes took years. There are few who get to sit back and have their first book picked up by one of the top five publishing houses with a huge advance. They are the exception and also known as Black Swans in the business. I keep reminding myself of that when I get down in the dumps over sales or a bad review.

How many people who dream of being a professional football player or a big time actor reach their dream? Most don’t.

In some ways we writers have an advantage with the growing access to self-publishing. We can get more of our work to readers faster. We can write another book or series until one of them catches like wildfire. The dream will have to sustain us while the slow wheels of success squeeze out our place in the market.

And speaking of squeezing out my place, my cover is completed for Stuck In Between (erotic romance)(my 5th novel) and I love it. If you’d like to participate in my cover reveal on Feb. 10th, you can sign up HERE. “Stuck” will be release March 24th. If you’d like to participate in my release blitz, you can sign up HERE (review copies available soon). I have also found a fabulous editor to work with and you can find out more about her company HERE and a cover artist HERE. If you’d like to donate to my giveaway, you can sign up HERE. Last, if you would like to contribute to the PubSlush fund on my behalf you can do so HERE.

Thanks to all who are following my blog and my journey.

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