The Origins of the Orgasmic Phenomena

ryan460Many times I have heard stories from men (keep that in mind) about women who cum from simple nipple suckling, or thigh massage (no clitoral touch), or kissing alone, and most recently hair pulling at the nap of the neck. I’m not sure if I’m one of the sad few who don’t cum that way or if our faking sisters are giving us a bad name. Now don’t get me wrong, all those things turn me on but a climax isn’t imminent without clitoral attention.

I am committed to writing authentic sex scenes, not just to arouse, but also to help people to become better lovers and partners. I don’t write pornography perpetuating the stereotypical manly man bringing a woman to orgasm by his mere presence. I want it real. I want foreplay.

I don’t mean to be crass, but I’m really curious and would love to hear from the female population. Other than one girlfriend I knew in my late teens who said she could cum from a guy caressing the underside of her wrist (not that I ever witnessed it) none of my friends can cum in any of the above ways. Yes, my girlfriends and I talk about sex, what we like, what gets us off and we even offer each other advice about how best to increase intimacy in the bedroom.

So what am I getting to? Are women out there creating false expectations, like porn does, tainting men’s view of the real woman? This is really what I want to know.

Since most women, at one time or another, have faked an orgasm, how do men know what’s real? Since I’m someone who believes in natural law and how the body functions, how does a mere caress or even wonderful kisses cause an orgasm? If you are wondering if I am jealous of these so-called orgasmic mavericks, sure I am, if it’s real, that is.

So come on all you female sexual recusants, share your stories with me so I can be enlightened.

Thanks for reading and as always, I love to read your comments.

Warm hugs,


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