The SIZE of Things

136544000114312934858001199_DNews__0200__040513__penis_size_ARI recently watched two documentaries that I think are worth discussing. The first was called The Unhung Hero, about a man who after publicly proposing to his girlfriend at a large sporting event suffered a brutal turndown and found out later the main reason for her declining had to do with the size of his penis (too small). The second story called Aroused was a video/photo shoot by the fine art photographer Deborah Anderson who featured sixteen of the world’s most successful female adult film stars.

Patrick Moote, the subject of the first film, traveled all over the world to find remedies to increase the size of his penis. He also talked to all sorts of people in his travels including an anthropologist, a porn star, doctors and his previous girlfriends about the expectations of the size of a man’s penis. All of the treatments including supplement, squeeze technique, hanging weights from his cock did nothing to change his size. Size matters, at least to Patrick Moote and his previous girlfriends.

In Aroused, Deborah Anderson interviews female porn stars and I found it quite interesting that most report either no father figure in the house or an absentee dad. And most came from a religious Christian background.

So how do the two movies tie together in my mind? Well for one, the female porn stars said they take Vicodin when they have to have sex with a man with a large cock. OUCH! So maybe average isn’t so bad?

The other issue came in the form of breast size. Some of the stars had implants and others were natural. I prefer the look of natural breasts but I don’t have judgment about those who buy breast implants to enhance their sensuality. Had I been completely flat chested (I had the opposite problem starting in the 6th grade) I might have considered implants. The issue I see with implants has to do with age. They don’t fare well over time. Gravity affects all of us and the larger implants become more unattractive as the years pass.

In both documentaries, I found myself feeling sad for their predicaments. It must be very unpleasant to be a man with a small penis, but I can only imagine. On the flip side, we as a society spend billions of dollars on porn and yet still shun the people who are involved in the industry. There seems to be a real hypocrisy in that.

In the end, it’s easy to sit in judgment of adult film stars and make lite of men with small cocks, but the truth is we all have flaws that we are afraid of revealing so let’s leave the judgments out of it.

Make sure to check back on Thursday for my husband’s author interview and on Friday for his cover reveal for Geared to the Present, Jones Whitman Time Traveler series.

I hope everyone has a great week.

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3 thoughts on “The SIZE of Things

  1. I’m surprised no one has responded to this post, Blakely. Having been a fine arts figure sculptor for a huge number of years, I knew many people from the porn industry back in the day. I haven’t seen these documentaries, yet, but I do agree with your assessment about some of the topics mentioned. Most of the women I knew, but not all, in the industry had major family conflicts of one sort or another. The men fared no better. However, there are so many elements that go into the creation of one’s life path, I’m hesitant to ascribe any single element to be the deciding factor.

    I have a very close friend who was a rather famous porn star. I’ve known her most of her life, and know her family. She has a great relationship with them. There is nothing wrong with her psychologically. She just is a free spirit, and loves sex. I’m not sure how the industry is now, but back in the days I’m talking about (and I’m not sayin’), it was like one big family. Everyone knew each other, and on the most part, liked one another.

    As for cock size, no I knew or talked with was enamored with overly huge penises. In fact, it wasn’t such a novelty to the performers, and like you mentioned, having sex was hardly the most pleasant experience for these women. Not many stop to think that these men with extraordinarily long members never can be completely within their female counterparts. No woman is built that deep. In fact, some have had internal injuries from aggressive action. The men can never really let themselves go.

    I’ve also known a well-known man who did have an exceptionally small member, and his answer was to become one of the leading body builders of the day. I have no idea how he dealt with bedroom intentions, for I only ever saw him around other men of like stature (weightlifters, I mean).

    So, what I’ve come to learn is that each group has its own clique of perceptions, and most everyone buys into it, even without them realizing it. There is a continuum of the pleasure/pain cycle, and to fall to far from the center, regardless of well-intentions, or how enlighten one is, does not make for a happy camper.

    • Stuart,

      I absolutely loved your comment. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I’m looking forward to connecting with you for an interview.

      Warm hugs,

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