The Visualization of a Writer’s Narrative – Two Movie Recommendations

Disclaimer: If you enjoy the typical movies of Hollywood, you should probably pass on this blog post.  However, if you like new and original stories you haven’t seen before or a unique twist on an old one, then stay tuned.

The first movie that I highly recommend is called The Music Never Stopped. A couple’s son disappears for years and once he is found, they discover he has brain damage that has caused memory loss. They ultimately find that music is a way to reach him. The actors are brilliant; the story totally unique.

I really loved this movie. We are immersed in the family’s past via songs and the son telling of his youthful memories and in this way, his father gets to really know the son he’d never known (and himself) in the process.

I personally find that Hollywood has been regurgitating the same movies, often bad, over and over again. I’m not a fan of superhero movies, war movies, and stupid comedies. Lately there hasn’t been much of anything that has inspired us to go out and see something in the theatre. As a story teller, I really pay attention and get inspired when someone takes me on a journey I’ve never experienced before, a different kind of life that is totally unpredictable.

The second movie, maybe not as original as the first, is called The Scapegoat which has some flavor of the Prince and the Pauper with a real twist. This picture is set in the UK in 1952 where a teacher named John Standing, who just lost his job, runs into his Doppelgänger Johnny Spence who is a failed businessman, in a motel bar. Johnny proceeds to get John drunk and then steals all of his belongings, leaving John with his own and there the drama begins.

Why this particular movie moved me is simple to explain. Most films follow the protagonist and their evolution. However in this film, because the protagonist is now a different person and most of the people in his life don’t know, we get to see how the other characters evolve in reaction to the “changed” man. I love this twist.  In this film we get to experience several character arcs.

For me, the worst criticism I could receive would be that my stories are predictable. Selfishly, when I write, I want to experience something new and different and as I follow my character’s lead, they tend to surprise the hell out of me. Fortunately, my readers feel the same. So when it comes to movies, I want to be surprised and intrigued and to see something new or at least in a new way. The Music Never Stopped and The Scapegoat did that for me and I found them both on Netflix streaming.

Have you seen these movies? I would love to read what you thought of them. Have you seen anything recently that you really enjoyed? Please share with us.

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