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Edge-of-Love-1As an author who writes erotica, it is incumbent on me to stay abreast (no pun intended) of the latest trends in sexual behavior. While doing research, I have recently discovered a study about the rise in reporting of women on women sex both here in the US and in the UK. It is believed that the change is due to the shift in society in regards to same sex relationships, allowing women to more comfortably explore different sides of their sexuality. In addition, the advent of the internet has made finding potential partners easier.

The study mentioned that the rate of reporting is higher for those women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s at 15%. I wonder if it’s a reflection of a more liberal youth population and here’s hoping that is so. You can watch the segment here.

I have very limited experience in this arena although I have written woman on woman scenes in My Body-His (Marcello) and My Body-Mine.

One of the novels (still to be written) in the Bound by Your Love Series will incorporate this theme.

I strive to create authentic relationships and sex scenes in all of my novels. It’s important that my readers find the description congruent with their actual experience or at least their imaginations. 😉

This is where you, my readers, fellow authors and friends come in. I am looking for women who are willing to share, in the comment section, their experiences. If you’ve also been with men, how is being with a woman different.

I hope the start of the new year is going well for everyone.

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