Why Women Love Their Alpha Book Boyfriends…

by Frank Carroll http://goo.gl/idRdqV

by Frank Carroll http://goo.gl/idRdqV

If you’re a fan of romance or erotica, you might think women love their “alpha males” because they are perfect. However, I’m here to tell you, that isn’t so. I personally love my strong book-boyfriends flawed with room to grow. I like when there is personal conflict that needs to be resolved.

My favorite romance author, Lisa Kleypas, especially in the Hathaway Series, knows how to craft complex characters with yummy flaws to reconcile.

Some say that romance stories create an unreasonable standard for men to meet. I strongly disagree. I have found my alpha male (19+ years together) who is my utter complement.

I’ll tell you why we love our alpha males: In a pinch they will have the confidence to take care of business instead of hiding behind the couch. There is no person I’d rather be with in a crisis than my husband. I know he will always keep me safe. The steamy sex is definitely a perk as well.

A true alpha male is straightforward and tells it like it is with finesse. They have no need for head-games or subterfuge. This is another reason why we swoon for the strong confident man. Gentlemen, confidence is an aphrodisiac.

The best of the alpha men prefer their women strong and independent, but not necessarily in the bedroom. 😉 We love the take charge man who can give a kiss that makes us or our storybook heroines go weak at the knees.

Believe it or not, I often read my romance and/or erotica novels out loud to my husband. We love to talk shop, but we also enjoy getting lost in the stories.

I need to get back to my latest alpha males and finish Blue Persuasion, book three of the Bound by Your Love Series. I’m pretty confident you will enjoy swooning over my man Tate.

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  1. I completely agree with this! I find it sexier and much more attractive when men are created to be flawed and suffer from internal conflict. This is why I create the men in my novels to be exactly that. It’s much more realistic and it keeps the reader intrigued and rooting for them.

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