A Man’s Fascination with a Younger Woman

rushdie1I read an article about women in their seventies still having sex (partnered and solo). It started me thinking about what it might be like when I’m in my seventies. It also brought up for me—again—men’s general fascination with younger women. My husband is fifteen years older than I.

I recently talked to a guy friend about the younger women phenomena. In all honesty, it bothers me a bit (now that I’m in my 40s) and at the same time, I do think it’s partially biological—but not wholly. My friend argued that it is solely biochemistry and that men are seeking (unconsciously) the best host for their sperm. I personally think our culture encourages men’s fascination with thin, smooth, forever ready girls, filling their fantasy lives through porn, TV, movies, etc.

I’m not saying all men behave this way but I think we can agree that it’s most men. How often does a man have a mid-life crisis and have an affair with an older woman or even a person of his own age?

I understand that we have the biological imperative to procreate and for a lot of men, that never goes away. It baffles me, maybe because I’m a woman, that men in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond still find women in their late teens and early twenties appealing. I can assure you that a man (boy) in his late teens and even late twenties holds no appeal.

The whole cougar movement isn’t lost on me but I think that stems from young men wanting an experienced sexual partner to learn from; and not have to play the guessing game that can come with “girls”.

Reading the article about the sexually active women in their 70s was encouraging and depressing. I definitely plan to be sexually active for my whole life (if possible) but will there be men who will even be interested once gravity really takes its toll and my husband is dead and gone. He shows me every day how attractive he finds me and that’s after almost twenty years. Maybe that’s one of the perks of older man/younger woman. 😉

On a positive note, those who stay active tend to have sex lives the longest, so get out there and move!

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A Man’s Fascination with a Younger Woman

  1. One of the benefits of hanging out with an older man is that you are always the young chick in the group… and some older men just get it. Posting my love for my young wife.

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