An Ode to My Husband

the-kiss-1904Okay, it’s not really a lyrical poem but I love the title. I feel so lucky to have my husband and want to let him know. He is working hard for us so I can write my novels, blogs, edit, and do social media without having to work at the same time. Our dream is to make enough money from our books so we both get to stay home and write to our hearts content.

I miss him when he is gone all day and the weekend is barely enough time to get my fill of him. The other day I said to him, “Every day I feel so exceedingly lucky that you are my best friend and partner in life,” and he said, “I feel exactly the same way about you.” How sweet is that?

We have been together eighteen years now and it just keeps getting better. It certainly hasn’t always been perfect and we’ve had to go through some growing pains together. Any long-term relationship must evolve or it dies, in my not so humble opinion. Fortunately for us, we seem to grow closer and closer together as time passes.

Why do I think my husband is so wonderful besides making it possible for me to be a full-time writer? Well in all honesty he is the best kisser and lover I have ever had. He still finds me sexy and attractive after all this time. He has loved me thinner than I am now and also heavier. There is no other person in the world I’d rather spend my time with and he showers me daily with affection. We kiss and hug goodbye in the morning and snuggle on the couch in the evening. He spoons me to sleep at night and we often share our dreams in the morning with my head on his chest.

Our daughter says we are like teenagers together, still very much in love. Not that long ago, she told us that a friend of ours and mother to her friend asked if we are really as happy as we seem. The mother assumed we acted one way around other people and another behind closed doors. My daughter said, “Nope, they’re always like that. They fight on the rare occasion but what you see is what you get.”

Some people have assumed that I have been through the experiences that I’ve written about in the My Body Trilogy. Sorry to let you down but it’s entirely fiction. Although I didn’t meet my husband until I was twenty-eight years old, I never had a Luke or Marcello in my life. I just have an overgrown, overactive, twisted imagination. 😉 Fortunately my husband loves how my mind works. He is the one who pushed me to try to get published again and is my greatest and most supportive fan.

Love is an important factor in relationship but don’t underestimate “like”. I not only love my husband dearly but I like him so much. He is the coolest person I know other than the kids.

Thank you, love, for being there for me and making our lives so yummy and juicy. I’m the luckiest woman I know.

Warm hugs,


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7 thoughts on “An Ode to My Husband

    • It sure sounds like your marriage is a whole lot like mine! If you check out my blog you will see very similar articles written by me about my marriage there! I am so glad to read that there are others out that are happy and in long marriages it is very rare!

      • I will definitely have to check out your blog. Yes, I do think it’s rare and I’m so damn grateful for it. Thanks for sharing my link on FB and for commenting on here.


  1. Hey, This story and your relationship are an inspiration to a lot of people. Fortunately, for my wife, Kathi, and I, the relationship and friendship is similar. For us, being friends first had been so crucial to the rest of our relationship. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Mike for your comment. Your marriage longevity is awe inspiring and I wish I was so lucky and had met my husband when we were both younger but I’m sure happy for what I have.


  2. Really enjoyed your Ode and congratulations on your long and happy relationship. I especially agree with your final comments about not underestimating “like.” My husband and I have been married for 25 years … and dated for almost 9 years before that. We’re high school sweethearts and he’s still my best friend, can make me laugh like no one else and loves me like no one else … even on my worst days. I have loved him for a very long time, but I LIKE him even more as time unfolds. I hope we’re fortunate enough to have another 25 years together, because there’s no one else I’d rather be on this journey with. :)

    • Robyn, that sounds wonderful to me and I too hope my husband and I have many more years together. I truly love hearing about other couples who are happy and in love like we are. Thanks so much for the comment.


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