Beast of the Southern Wild

Rarely is there a movie that genuinely takes me by surprise and moves me like Beast of the Southern Wild.  We stumbled upon it at Redbox and later found out that it has been nominated for four Academy Awards (which I think is far too little).  Henry, the actor who played Wink, should have been nominated for best actor in a leading role.

My husband and I were blown away by the unique story and the acting.  Although I am an avid movie watcher, it is so infrequent that I make a point of recommending one.  So much of what is out today are remakes and superhero/comic movies which do not take me anywhere new or to an alternate reality that I care to experience.

Beast was art in film and the story of how it ultimately got off the ground and found its audience is awe inspiring.  Kudos to Robert Redford for creating Sundance and for the support they offer to new film makers.

The two main characters, Wink and Hushpuppy, had never acted before and the main female lead was just 6 years old.  She has been nominated for an Academy Award which I truly hope she receives.

When the movie came to a close, I cried.  I wept over the storyline but also for the sheer brilliance in film making.  I’m one of the sappy people who tear up whenever I experience great talent.  When my daughter and I went to a concert over the summer and I stood in front of a musician I loved, playing a song that moved me, I couldn’t help it. Waterworks!   Years ago we went to The Lion King musical and my eyes were like a faucet the entire time.  I had never seen anything remotely like it.

I love when a movie impacts me beyond the watching and takes me to a place I have never been or would either wise get to experience.  I do hope, in a small way, my novels offer that to readers.

Beast came out in limited release initially and I have read that it will be rereleased shortly.  Do yourself a favor and take the time to see it.

I had planned to post a blog this week called Reviews: To Read or Not to Read.  Please check back next week for that one.

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One thought on “Beast of the Southern Wild

  1. As a writer I must say that I have been humbled by the authenticity of the “people” in the Beast. There are no characters in this film, rather, extraordinary expessions of the human condition brought to life by extraordinary people. Thank you again to the Beasts for your sacrifice to bring this to the world.

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