Blakely’s Friday Interview with Luke Christodoulou

Please give a warm welcome to Luke Christodoulou, author of The Olympus Killer.

Looking for murder sites for THE OLYMPUS KILLERTell us a bit about yourself and what you’re currently working on or promoting.
I am an English teacher, an author, a husband, a father and a coffee-book-movie lover. I am currently working on Book 2 from my Greek Island Mysteries series of standalone thrillers while promoting The Olympus Killer (Book1).

What genre is your book? Do you write in other genres as well?
I write fast paced thrillers set in the sun kissed Greek Isles. I have not written in any other genre… yet. I used to write a lot of poetry as a way of escaping, but nothing worth publishing. One day, after the completion of the Greek Island thrillers, I would love to try my skills in something new. Maybe a adventure/fantasy for kids or even yet another Greek cook book (I do enjoy eating…).

Who or what inspires you?
Everything! Every person, every emotion, every place, food, music, movie, situation can inspire a writer. Every detail of life can be a starting point for a story or a character and become a part of a book.

What advice do you have for writer’s just starting out?
Keep reading and keep writing DAILY! No matter what, keep at it. It is so easy to give up after having to deal with self-doubt, writer’s block, the time consuming marketing and disappointing sales. Believe in yourself and your story and strive to be the best ‘you’!

Do you set writing goals and if so, what are they?
Yes, and I never keep them! I could say ‘2000 words daily’ or something along those lines and at that very moment know that I will not be reaching that goal. I take the day as it comes.

Do you outline your stories or just go with the flow?
I always use an outline. It helps me to keep focus and direction. Especially the end. I do not like stray stories. However, many characters and side stories are born along the way.

Who is your favorite author and why?
Agatha Christie. She was a master of suspense and mystery who created vivid characters and always provided an amazing setting.

What book are you currently reading?
I have finally gotten around to reading The Life Of Pi. It has been sitting on my ‘to read’ shelf since I saw the movie. I am also reading my wife’s bedside table book, The Five Keys by Greek author Lena Manta.

What has been your best moment as a writer?
The five star reviews by strangers and their kind words about The Olympus Killer. This kind of positive feedback is as needed as oxygen for a writer. Your book to find an audience is a bliss like no other.

Is there a message in your book(s) that you want readers to grasp?
Two messages. That no one is ever born pure evil and that we all can strive through our weaknesses and our flaws.

Do you see yourself in any of your characters?
‘Not really’ would have been a safe answer. I don’t do safe. I believe most of my characters have certain characteristics of mine or at least of a person I know.

Was one of your characters more challenging to write than another?
Of course. The killer was the most challenging. The abuse he went through as a child brings you to the ultimate dilemma. Is there ever an excuse for murder?

How much time a day do you spend on social media?
Too much. For promotional reasons and not recreational ones. I like to connect with my friends and family in real life, away from a computer/phone screen. However, marketing can be so time consuming!

You can find Luke on his webpage, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Amazon.

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