Bringing Yourself Along for the Ride

roller_coasterI never truly realized, until I became an author, how much readers bring of themselves to any story they read; their perceptions, life experiences, pet peeves and much more. It makes sense to me and reminds me of the literature classes I took in college. I always found myself wondering if the so-called “meaning” of the stories we read were really the author’s intentions or just that particular teacher’s interpretation or a school of thought.

This topic is up for me because it’s been interesting to hear/read reader’s reactions to The Demarcation of Jack. There seems to be two camps. #TeamJack & #TeamMarc (thanks Renee!).

Those on #TeamJack tend to love his carefree manner and have issues with his wife Jenna. The #TeamMarc fans (of which I am one) tend to see Jack as irresponsible and can understand/relate to what Jenna is going through.

I personally love that there can be so many reactions and viewpoints to a story—well once I got over the shock of the intense differences of opinion over my dark, erotic, suspense trilogy starting with My Body-His. I never realized I could evoke so much emotion from a reader and that took me aback for a bit. Now I see it as a gift really, and appreciate the differences we all bring with us to a story.

Just this past Thursday was the official release date for The Demarcation of Jack and we had so much fun interacting with our friends and readers and giving away all the donated prizes. I once again have to give a big shout out to my fellow authors and readers who have been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout our journey to publication. Thank you for all the donations which made the party super fun.

As special thanks to my husband Dana who has been working hard to support our writing habit. He is finishing up his solo project, Geared to the Present, and we hope to have it ready for test readers soon.

This writer, meaning me, really needs to get back to work on her current novel, Stuck In-Between. I left Red, Bond, and Jacqs in limbo and I’m dying to know how the story resolves. I can promise you, I bring myself along for the ride in all the stories I write but the most important part is to move myself out of the way so the characters can let me know what happens.

Stay tuned for our upcoming projects published through our own TandemWriters.

Do your books garner a wide range of reactions? Are you aware of bringing yourself into the books you’re reading? I’d love to read your comments.

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