Bush or no Bush – To Hair is Human, but to Trim is Divine



As requested by an online friend, I’m parting the hairs of the nether regions to find out people’s preferences. As to my personal preference: I like smooth lips but hair on the mound for a woman. Something more than a thin landing strip. I most definitely DO NOT like men shaved, but trimmed is fine. Men devoid of pubic hair, reads effeminate to me, and I like my men manly. A female with a bald pussy reminds me of a prepubescent girl, but I certainly can understand the want of uncovering the lips and clit for better access.

The friend who prompted me to write this post, said, “As a woman, I feel more hygienic to have no superfluous hair. Dix, one of my online friends said, “…I believe that I prefer the trapping of the juices and the sexy scents, the downy meshing, something physical to part, before the parting. Christian Rostand, author of “Romance—Right or Wrong” and other works shared: “It’s a good sign, when a woman has a sopping-wet wig of hair; and, I haven’t even glimpsed the prize at all, haven’t seen whether the clit is engorged, throbbing, how big it is… It’s like going off to see the Wizard!” He’s a humorous bloke.

Another guy friend said, “Some is better than none.” I have to agree with him there. My husband used to be a fan of the full bush, until we got together, and now is a smooth lip convert.

I asked my Facebook friends to weigh in on the subject and as you probably imagined, there’s a wide range of preference. Neatly trimmed ranked highest for men and trimmed or bald came in at the top for women. A fellow author really made me smile. Kirstie said, “I like to keep my lady garden neatly trimmed.” 😀

My husband said that this is an odd blog coming from me, and maybe it is, but as a writer of erotica, pubic hair definitely comes into play. In the My Body Trilogy, Luke wanted Jane’s lips smooth but Marcello wanted all the hair gone. In Stuck In-Between (still working on finishing it) Red keeps his pubic hair trimmed. Even my characters have their preferences. 😉

So like my friend who suggested this blog, I, too, am curious what the general population prefers and would love to read your comments. Please tell us with where you stand on this debate.

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3 thoughts on “Bush or no Bush – To Hair is Human, but to Trim is Divine

  1. I like trimmed on lips but I get grossed out if I see hair on women’s arm pits. I would ask my gf what she likes on me. I have no preference when it comes to me.

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