Guest Blog: – The story, the goals, the ambitions.

Please give a warm welcome to Jack Hunter who is guest blogging today.

670-free-membershipJust over a year ago I (Jack) was reading a book called “My Secret Garden” by Nancy Friday. The book is a collection of female fantasies. They were collected by the author and then collated into a book, which gives a fascinating insight in the secret fantasy lives of women.

The book really got me thinking, I thought about how keen these ladies seemed to talk about their fantasy lives. How varied and in some cases extreme their fantasies were. I realized that even though this book was written in the 1970’s things still haven’t changed that much. Women are still judged for enjoying sex, they are still treated as sexual objects and they are still to some extent sexually repressed.

I talked this through with an old friend (Lola now my partner at Secret Erotica) and she started to complain about the low quality of erotica sites on online and also about the fact that they were all so female-unfriendly with lots of annoying guys on them.

That’s when the idea for Secret Erotica came about. We decided to create an amazing online community for ourselves and the rest of the world to enjoy free from misogyny and horny internet pests!

We had some simple but very important criteria.

• The site must be female friendly, troll free and safe for its members.
• It has to be sex positive, non-judgmental and welcome to all sexual orientations.
• It had to be free to join.
• There needed to be a place for people to share and read fantasies, erotic stories and confessions.
• It has to be fun. A lot of fun!

So, we took these simple but very important ideas and built them into a website, blog and sexy community. Secret Erotica is now live we have a thriving membership. The library is filling up with confessions, erotic stories and fantasies. We have a Facebook style community membership. It’s free, really easy to use and is already getting a lot of use by our horny members.

Lola and I know we have a long way to go. Our goal is to have many thousands of happy members. All expressing their sexuality, their hidden desires and their fantasies however they chose, free from judgment or embarrassment.

This won’t happen overnight. It will take a lot of hard work, passion and investment. But we are on this ride until the end, we WILL be successful the only question left is would you like to join us?

Visit to find out more and watch the video below.

See you on the inside!

Jack Hunter

2 thoughts on “Guest Blog: – The story, the goals, the ambitions.

  1. What happened to Is it still up? Every time I type in the address, follow a link, or click one of my bookmarks it always brings me to some photography page? Did the website domain or address change? Or has secret erotica disappeared off the internet completely? Please tell me whats happened? I want to visit/join the site.

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