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own riskIn some ways, my husband and I fall into the traditional gender roles. If we found ourselves in a dangerous situation, he would put me behind him and protect us both. And just last week when the bat flew into our house, I screamed like a silly woman and let him handle it. In most other ways, we share the traditional gender roles between us, like shopping, cooking, cleaning, and child rearing. However, the garage is most definitely his domain and I tend to stay out of it.

If you’ve read my novels, you know my men are usually strong alpha types with a sensitive side. They are as likely to cook as the heroines in the stories. Not surprisingly, I married someone with the qualities I love.

So today I entered his sanctum (allergies be damned) as we had many boxes to break down and clear away for recycling. Recently some space had been cleared on the garage shelves so I mentioned reorganizing a bit. He was totally game.

You should know, I’m not particularly anal about cleaning and frankly I wish I was more so. My mother keeps her house at an A on a scale of A to F and I’d say I’m more in the B- range. My worst offense is my endless tile floors. I tend to sweep them plenty but don’t mop them often enough. Having said that, to rate the state of the garage accurately, I’d have to give it an X. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

As much as my husband helps around the house, his garage was sorely neglected. (“That’s a bit of an understatement gov’na!” Extra points if you know where that quote is from.) He had taken to using the middle of the garage as a sort of trash heap. A thick layer of sawdust, plastic, nails, pieces of wood, etc., littered the floor. We have a neighbor who has the quintessential garage like they tend to show on TV with everything in its place, all the tools hanging on the walls, and all surfaces dusted. Envision the opposite.

In my husband’s defense, he does tend towards an organized chaos and he seems to be able to find what he needs when he needs it.

What started as a bit of reorganizing turned into a full-scale cleanup job and he was very happy to continue. We moved on to unearthing the garage floor and wow, what a big difference that made. I found out my favorite power tool is the shop vac. I wish my vacuum cleaner had that much suction and believe it or not, I’m not making a sexual reference. 😉

We spent three hours cleaning and organizing, removing four industrial garbage bags of waste, moving several items into a pile for a dump run, and loading the van with many more items to take to Goodwill.

Will I make a habit of entering his domain? Probably not. However, it was a very satisfying experience and was even worth riling up my allergies.

I now can give the garage a firm C+. Our relationship? An A+.

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18 thoughts on “His Domain

  1. That’s awesome that you gave a helping hand to your hubby. And even though it was cleaning it’s still quality time you spent together and he won’t forget that you helped him? I myself hate to clean but I put on my big girl panties…once in a while and do it lol?

  2. My garage falls on me, but I have never understood why I get gifts on Father’s Day like a new lawnmower or a chainsaw. I would be perfectly happy with a box of good cigars and a bottle of bourbon!

  3. Charles and I are both neat freaks about different things. Lol. He has the garage organized, and since it’s a three sided carport he has most of his things in plastic tubs with lids. The house…I hear you about floors! We have wood floors that I sweep daily but don’t mop enough. Lol. He is constantly reorganizing the fridge, which drives me nuts. As soon as a container of something gets low, he puts what’s left in a Tupperware. We have a million Tupperware things in there and just when I think I know where everything is, he’s moved them around. Arg!
    I tend to constantly reorganize the hall pantry and cleaning supplies. So it drives him nuts that I’ve done to the closet what he’s done to the fridge. LOL

  4. I love those clearing-out events, but I also don’t like to make a habit of it :-)
    Sounds like a great relationship you guys have :-)

  5. As a total type A it drives my husband crazy when I say clean the garage! He’s like it’s a garage, as long as the cars fit it’s clean enough for me! He gets a strong C in cleaning, even after 20+ years, but an A+ otherwise! LOL!

  6. Bats, bees, big spiders…let’s not forget mice cause me to high tail it! Glad you found the umph to cross the line! 😉

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