Impatient Much?

Isabella_ImpatientThat would be me. Patience has never been my strong suit. I remember being a kid and how waiting in line was pure torture for me—really—waiting for anything. That is, until I realized I could create a story in my head while I waited. Walking home from school, I would sing a song I made up on the fly or fantasized about my latest fictional adventure.

I guess you could say my impatience lead me to be an author. That and my love of reading.

I can safely say I’m less impatient than I was back then, but probably still far more impatient than your average Jane. Stuck In Between is currently with test readers and I’m jonesing for some word on it. One reader finished overnight, only sleeping for an hour, and said she loved it, so that’s exciting, but I want to hear what worked, what didn’t work, etc. (I’ve since heard back from her! Thanks Stephanie!)

I’m also impatiently waiting for the editing sample on the first chapter (you know who you are 😉 ). On the plus side, the cover is in the works and I’m getting very excited about it. Still needs a few tweaks, but we’re getting close.

I’m crazily impatient to get my readership up so my husband can stop working to support us and focus solely on his writing as well.

On the plus side, being impatient drives me to keep at it and make something happen. I can’t wait to share Stuck In Between with you. I hope you all are ready for Jacqs impassioned story of being stuck between two best friends.

Thanks so much for reading and following my adventures.

Warm hugs,


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