Kissing is one of the wonderful joys in life. I love the taste, smell, and feel of a kiss. I have often pondered if kissing is a teachable behavior or if it’s like two puzzle pieces that either fit together or don’t.  I have been known to say that lip-locking is the gateway drug and the sure fire indicator of sexual compatibility.

Personally, kissing is important to me.  My husband and I have been kissing for a long wonderful time and it’s a dance that still leaves me lightheaded and very much turned on. I love the journey from soft to hard and back again. I love the ones that linger and take me to places I’ve never been.

I, for one, think kissing should happen often and not only as a start of sexual activity.  Like hugging and cuddling, it shoots us full of lovely bonding chemicals and keeps couples close and more connected.

Professionally kissing is something that I strive to describe thoroughly and accurately without the constant redundancy.  It’s not always an easy task.

So that brings me back to wondering if kissing is something that can be cultivated or is it simply preference? Is kissing something that can evolve with enough practice?

Two kissers from my past stand out to me because of their not so great technique.  One guy used his tongue like a spear, making it very pointy and swirled his tongue around and around in my mouth.  We dated very briefly.  LOL! Second guy thought his tongue a sword and like to duel without lip-locking.  Both styles fell into the realm of turn offs.  Could I have coached them to kiss more to my preference if I had been bold enough to say what I liked and didn’t care for?  I’m not sure.

A friend once shared that we all kiss a bit differently and it’s a journey to find a mutual place in the kisses. I like this philosophy.

My husband feels that a lot of it is innate, a talent, an ability to share a kiss with a woman that encourages her to weaken at the knees and to gather herself when pausing for a breath.

Do you think kissing is a talent or something that can be learned and cultivated?  Love to hear from you, my readers.

Warm hugs,


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