Loyalty or Honesty?

9534939484_856cabdf45_oI posited this question on Facebook and found the answers incredibly interesting. Firstly, my response: Loyalty. In truth, no one is 100% honest. Sometimes people aren’t even honest with themselves. With loyalty, I know they will do their level best to take care of my heart and have my back.

I was shocked at the number of people who said the two concepts were one and the same or that you can’t have one without the other. I beg to differ.

You can tell me you are having an affair (honesty), and have one (disloyal). You can also tell me a white lie, (that outfit looks great on you) and remain loyal (I only want to be with you).

I argued and still do that no one I have ever known is honest all the time. I love the idea in theory of complete honesty but in truth, I wouldn’t want to know what everyone is thinking and/or feeling about me. Frankly, it’s none of my business.

Every single person has a secret life to some extent and that’s the way it should be. We are our own universe and just because I honestly think something, doesn’t mean it’s a gem to share.

Loyalty on the other hand means everything to me. Loyalty means you will keep your word and my confidence. You will put me first when necessary. You will do everything in your power to keep me safe emotionally and physically.

My husband’s best quality, and there are many, is his loyalty. He is loyal to a fault and I love knowing that about him.

In Bittersweet Deceit, book two of the Bound by Your Love Series, Stayman is unfailingly loyal and it is his best and worst quality. For himself, that is. He doesn’t give up on people and throws himself totally behind his loyalty. It’s very endearing.

So in conclusion, I’ll take loyalty any day over honesty.

Feel free to chime in and staunchly disagree. Keep me on my toes!

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5 thoughts on “Loyalty or Honesty?

  1. So, I guess I look at honesty as part of being loyal with my hubby. We are honest with one another due to our loyalties to each other. I think you can’t be loyal without honesty, but you could be honest without loyalty. It would just mean that it was not a good fit for a relationship.

  2. I would only disagree on this one point. I want honesty when you are ready to leave or you are unhappy and you know that you need something else I cannot provide. Be honest. Don’t slink out the back door. But, if I know you at all, Blakley, I’m sure you would agree! lol

    • Hi Cinnamon,

      I completely agree. I want honesty for sure. I just don’t think that honesty and loyalty are the same thing and that you have to have one with the other. I always prefer straightforward without ambiguity.

      Warm hugs,

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