The Journey or the Destination?

imagesWhile my husband and I were at a dance recently, I had an epiphany. It’s not surprising that the thought came to me while dancing because I find incredible freedom in moving to music where my mind can get totally lost in the sway to the song (Thank you, Justin Timberlake for Suit and Tie). Totally connected to my body and the grooving beat, this is what popped in: I should be proud of my accomplishments and worry less about the destination.

I have two books published with the third of the My Body Trilogy coming out July 15th. My social media followers and friends are growing faster and faster each day. I’m balancing lots of work with plenty of time off and am content with my life.

For the first time ever, I find myself driven and focused and there is good reason for it. I’m chasing my dream job as an author and hoping to be a huge success. I want financial freedom for my husband and me so he too can focus on writing full-time.

The continuous drive is all well and good but I need to stop and smell the proverbial roses. I need to integrate and honor the small successes along the way and not solely focus on the end goal.

It’s hard at times because people are frequently asking me about my book sales and how it’s going. Is it appropriate to say, “Not as well as I’d hoped but it’s still early,” or “None of your fucking business?” Joking about the last comment but many people say things like, “Are you famous yet?” and “You must be rich.”

Unless you are E. L. James and a fluke (a rather good fluke), becoming a successful author is a process, and like any business, it takes time. I signed a contract with my publisher one year ago. My Body-His came out in November 2012, and My Body-His (Marcello) was released in March 2013. I have been told (not sure if there is any truth to it) that my books have a better chance of success once all novels of the trilogy are out. Fingers crossed!

So as I continued to gyrate to the beat of the song, I acknowledge that we, those who chase the dream, are few and far between and I should be proud to be among my fellow authors and artist making a go of it.

I’m sure I’ll have to remind myself that although the goal is important in keeping me motivated, the successes along the way need to be celebrated.

Like just now, I am holding My Body-Mine in my hands for the first time and I’m just in love with the cover. It’s thicker than book one and two because it’s longer and I can’t wait for my readers and fans to read the finale of the trilogy. I have done it. I not only have written one book but three and they will all soon be out in circulation.

I also excited to have the My Body Trilogy Blog Tour set for the end of July and you can join in the festivities and help me celebrate my successes.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my musing and as always, I love to read your comments.

Warm hugs,


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4 thoughts on “The Journey or the Destination?

  1. For years I was caught up in the destination, now its the journey. The more I live in the present moment and trust that I am exactly where I am meant to be, the more content I am (and the more life seems to fall into place). I still have goals, aspirations and am driven…but I’m not so caught up looking ahead on the path that I miss what is right in front of me. Thanks for the post. Enjoy your My Body Trilogy Blog tour this July (and congrats!)

  2. An enjoyable read Blakely and a much needed reminder for us both that the journey IS as important as the destination … if not more so. Often accomplishments go unobserved and unrecognised; writing a novel – or three in your case – is such an impressive accomplishment involving much dedication. A labour of love can be an arduous task at times, for sure, but the sense of achievement makes it so worth while … the royalties aren’t too bad either! Congrats on the trilogy and good luck with your next project.

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