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062015 278Leading up to the release of my eighth novel, The Second First Chance, on Wednesday, I have a lot on my mind. Of course, there’s the usual—Will this be the book that really opens the hearts of Romance Readers everywhere? Will the reviews continue to be stellar? Will the sales for the release be as good as they were for Blue Persuasion? On and on it goes in my head.

Then there are the thoughts specific to TSFC. Most of my novels are stories written because they’re novels I’d want to read. After all, I’m a reader at heart and love a story that moves me and draws me in from the start and then changes me in the end. I love being lost in a story as a reader and a writer.

The Second First Chance is different in that it was inspired by the love I share with my husband. Its manifestation grew from fantasizing what it might have been like had I met my husband ten years earlier. The characters are not us, but the love they share mirrors our own. When my readers tell me how much they felt Jayden’s loss, that doesn’t surprise me. I channeled what it would feel like if I lost my husband.

I shared all of this to say: Being a writer that invokes emotion, moves my readers and inspires them to write stellar reviews isn’t enough. A close friend and fellow author goes on and on about what an amazing writer I am. Again, writing well isn’t enough to make it in this business. As much as I promote, that’s not enough either. It’s really up to the reader if an author is to be successful. I firmly believe it’s all about posting reviews and word of mouth. If you truly love a book, tell everyone you know to pick it up, read it, and review it.

I’d love to be more Zen about it and be one of those authors who say they write for themselves. I’m sorry but that’s not me. I write to be read. I write with the hope that I add some reading pleasure to my fans and maybe even cause them to think. AND I write to make a living.

I recently asked on my Facebook timeline: How long should you chase a dream before facing reality and giving up? The most common response was NEVER. You should never give up chasing the dream. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Sometimes dreams are unattainable. That’s just a fact of life.

Don’t worry, I’m not ready to give up yet. My sales have grown each year and I’m pretty darn hopeful about The Second First Chance. If you do happen to read it and love it, please tell your friends and family about it.

I’m very excited about my upcoming release party and hope to see you there. Thanks for listening to my noisy mind on the precipice of the release of The Second First Chance.

Warm hugs,


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21 thoughts on “What’s On My Mind…

  1. You already know I’m a huge fan of your writing. And you! You’re a wonderful person…so talented and generous and kind. It’s reflected in your writing.
    I’m spending my day reading TSFC and then writing my review. I’ve had so many other books to read/review that I had to wait till the last minute to savor yours. And you know we will do everything we can to promote your book, which I’m sure is awesome. :-)

    • Thank you so much for all your support, Deb. It means the world to me. Can’t wait to hear what you think.

      Warm hugs,

  2. I absolutely write to be read and I think too many people give up just before they’re about to break through. We are in a business, after all. It may be a business that has a more direct and emotional relationship with its customers, but it’s a business. Oh, and Blakely, one of the things I love most about romance writers is how many of them have told me that they started writing romance because they had such a great marriage and wanted to share their love with others and inspire them…let them know it’s out there. I love that!

    • That’s lovely to know others are inspired by real and wonderful relationships.
      Thanks so much for the comment,

  3. I guess every author has experienced at least once some of your thoughts, doubts and wishes.

    I wish you and your upcoming novel all the best, Blakely! Being hungry, worried, hopeful and open to the future (all at the same time!) makes us writer the beautiful, creative and empathic creatures that we are :)

  4. You are lucky to have such a great love in your life. Not too many people are as lucky. Good luck with your new book,

  5. Okay, I want so much to just tell you how fanstastic I think you are and how you just need to keep writing and how much I just LOVE your books…

    But since that’s not going to work…

    I just love you! <3

  6. Ha ha, your mind sounds very similar to mine when it comes to sharing our precious stories with the world! In the end we are driven by passion, so I am sure that your new release will go far… as for me, I also write with the power of my romantic love at heart, although my tales are slightly darker and perhaps a little more gritty. My husband has not yet read any of my published novels!

    • I have gritty and dark as well. That’s my My Body Trilogy. My husband is my first reader. I can’t imagine doing it without him!!

      Thanks so much for the comment,

  7. Congratulations on your upcoming release. There are tons of artist that don’t become famous until after their death. Sometimes I think if my art can outlast me then maybe that is a sign of success.

  8. Seeing this late. Hope the party was brilliant. Wishing you all the success in the world for your new book!

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