You Like What?

cartoon me likes and dislikesI am forever fascinated about likes and dislikes and why I have the preferences I do. Why does my husband prefer what he calls the medi look (dark, curly hair and curvy)? Why do I love blowjobs, anal sex, sweets, and independent movies? Why do I abhor mustard, arrogant men, things that push my patience and men in dresses?

Okay, obviously, there are many other items to add to the list but the point is about the WHY of it. Why have I come to like or cum to like what I have? Is it merely genetics? Is that the long and the short of it? Should I throw in the nature vs. nurture argument? Maybe I was beaten with a pastrami and swiss on rye with mustard and have blocked it out, which is why I can’t stomach any of those ingredients?

Could it be the region of my original genetic code? Wouldn’t that then necessitate that my parents would have the same preferences as me? Well they don’t.

I imagine that it simply comes down to a complex pleasure and pain stimulus model. Chocolate makes me happy and red wine (which my husband really loves) makes me purse my lips (which he really loves…LOL) and wonder why anyone would choose to ingest it. Maybe it’s an association that comes with tasting or trying something for the first time. However, that doesn’t work in regards to my first blowjob experience, which I spoke about previously. I honestly thought I would never do it again.

My likes and dislikes have changed over the years as well so I’m not sure how to account for the origin of likes and dislikes in all the theorizing. Do you think I got this all from Mom and Dad or a crazy aunt or whacked uncle? Or is it culture vs. rebellion which drives us in a direction or herds us to a familiar place? I don’t know for sure, but being a human being is more about mystery than solutions I would say. Have lots of fun exploring, is my motto! Hold on to your hats and stay open because the paradigm is constantly evolving, at least it is for me. 😉

What is your take on how likes and dislikes are formed? I’d love to hear from you.

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5 thoughts on “You Like What?

  1. Hi Blakely :)
    I to, can’t stand mustard. A lot of people think my food tastes are bland and weird. Weird because I can’t stomach coffee, the smell of it is fowl. I also don’t like coke, it’s way too sweet and gassy for me. I love marmite, beetroot, and I eat spinach like a bag of crisps! I Iove my tea too, weak & milky….bliss. I prefer my mushrooms raw, and most of the veg I eat us raw.
    As for ‘bland’ I like my food as it is….no salt, pepper or dressings. No sugar either (as in added to cereals) I’ve never introduced any of these to my children. they have me to thank for their fab teeth! Lol
    I do believe a lot of my tastes were from my upbringing, we were only given tea or water as children, never fuzzy pop! Everything was homemade back then, it was lovely.
    One thing that as definitely changed for me, is meat, I really struggle eating any form of it. I’m a part time vegetarian, part time because I eat a small amount of chicken, maybe once a month if I’m lucky! x

      • You’ve surprised me with not eating mammal. I thought you were a lover of all foods. Well you you learn something new everyday :)
        Love you too x

  2. I think it starts when you are a kid. I think if you are exposed to a lot when little you are one that likes and appreciates more or at least in foods. I was forced to eat a lot of veggies as a kid so I tend not to like them now and unfortunately not like yourself I love all types of meat. I cannot get enough….:)

    I know with people, race and history my likes and dislikes were formed around being exposed to everything. I have no dislikes of race, places or religion as with my travels I have found great people all over the world and the bad people are always the minority.

    So I think truly your parents help you form your decision process but instinctively you mold it into your own..:)


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